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Book 1

Throughout this epic Heartland journey (which consists of 7 novellas and the three part Zonks and The Gate Keepers series) we get to visit some pretty amazing magical places with floating islands, places covered entirely in water, sand, snow, trees or buried deep below ground. We get to learn about the shocking, yet special connection between these worlds and Terra Nova.

Molly is an ordinary fifteen year old girl living on Terra Nova, who happens to dream someone else's dreams. These dreams reveal many of Heartland's secrets. She carefully captures them in her diary, which becomes the most wanted item in all of Heartland.


The prophecy once foretold a day when the promise of unity in the magical world of Heartland will be threatened by an outside force. It will bring forth a child of both worlds that is destined to save them all. That child is Molly, who is the central character of this series.

We get to experience the story of Corcoran's evil plan to get his hands on Molly's diary and concur Heartland and Terra Nova, as well as the journey of Maggie and Regina through Molly's eyes, mainly. But, as fate would have it, the story evolved into an epic journey of discovering the struggles we go through starting, maintaining and closing relationships with people in our lives. It also speaks very much to some fundamental life concepts, in my opinion - which are to listen, hear and understand and ultimately maybe not forget, but at least forgive the actions of those people around us.

There is an interesting phenomenon that happens when we flip the script, so to speak, and allow the seemingly simple good-vs.-evil story to be co-narrated by the (perceived) antagonist.

Maggie is the daughter of Regina, who is set to save her mother by making her see, understand and accept how her own actions (as seen and viewed by others) contributed to the near fall of Heartland and Terra Nova. Little does she know that along the way Maggie manages to change her own opinions about her mother's actions by allowing herself to hear the story told from a different perspective - Regina's.

Will Maggie be able to convince the rest of Heartland to forgive, and thus save Regina from the eternal life in the Chambers? Will the evil Corcoran manage to concur both worlds? Will Molly accept her fate and forgive nearly every single person in her life for what they did to her?

You're probably thinking, 'but you still haven't told us what the first book is about?' I know, I know. I'm getting to it. Well, in short, the first installment of this series chronicles Molly's turbulent journey from Terra Nova to the Capital of Heartland. Along the way she meets new friends, reunites with old ones from her dreams, uncovers some secretes, learns her true purpose in life and plans a rescue mission. All of this while desperately trying to dodge Corcoran's attempts at capturing her and her diary.

In this book, we also get to meet some of Molly's best friends - Eyya, princess of Woodland; Aiken, prince of Skyland; Maya, princess of Winterland; and Ritana, princess of Barrenland - who tag along with her on this journey. We also get to meet Molly's father George; the love of his life Queen Clara of Heartland; Aecus, a talking winged lion and Astoria, his caring, devoted but very opinioned lioness companion. In addition to all of these characters, we get to meet Theseus - a minotaur, goblins, elves, fairy brothers Fon and Dorn, as well as a handful of dragons and Zonkbeasts - who are the water dragons of Waterland, witches and wizards. Last but not least, we also get to meet Dr. Maggie Claremore and her troubled teenage patient, Maeve.

I know, that is a lot to take in all at once. But, buckle up, for you're about to experience a high-action, high-paced, grand magical adventure unlike any other.

This page is fully dedicated to information and my sporadic thoughts on everything that happens in the first book of the Zonks and the Gate Keepers series. Below you will find a curated selection of posts from my Blog specific to Book 1 of this series.

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